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The new flagship at C-Yacht, the 1250i, is just s great as her predecessor. This yacht offers even more comfort and has a more beautiful finish, too. It performs perfectly on long-distance cruising. The 1250i Centre Cockpit is a dream come true with quality, comfort and spacious interiors all tailored to your taste and preferences. We build the entire C-Yacht 1250i Centre Cockpit according to your wishes and innovations.


sailing yacht from The Netherlands

A love for elegant design, pure materials and best nautical tradition: These are the core values of our company. All C-Yachts are completely produced in The Netherlands, at our shipyard in Heerenveen. From the moulds right up to the carefully crafted interior made of teak wood.

 Attention to details

Each C-Yacht sailing yacht is 100% locally produced, in The Netherlands. From a solid design to a careful selection of materials to the eventual construction of the yacht. Paying scrupulous attention to even the smallest details, all along the journey.

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C-Yacht 1250i TEST: boating magazine YACHT

Our newest creation, the 1250i, is currently being tested by various nautical media. Europe’s biggest boating magazine YACHT chose a different approach: An offshore cruise …with lots of wind. And you bet she passed with flying colours! Out at the North Sea, with waves 3 metres high we had 2 ships, 2 editors, 2 photographers, 12.6 measured knots and a 1250i which felt and performed just fine. Shortly more details about the exact results. For now enjoy some impressive pictures taken out there…

Results Driven

Our more than 70 years of yacht building expertise actually speak for themselves!

Passion for Sailing

The knowledge and expertise of experienced sailors and water sport experts, their passion for sailing and the water shows through in their work.

C-Yacht is Safe

Safe over long distances

Top Performance

C-Yacht: speed and comfort for many sea miles!


Passion, expertise and high quality

C-Yacht stands for passion, expertise and high quality. Since more than 70 years we guarantee perfectly finished and oceangoing ships. Our shipyard at Dutch Heereveen will build your yacht exactly according to your wishes. While doing so, we only use the best materials and apply the best proven techniques. From the moulds right up to the carefully finished interior made of teak wood: At C-Yacht, your entire yacht is produced locally, at the same shipyard. Passionate sailors and other water sport experts continuously contribute to the development and production of our fantastic ships.

Dutch pedigree

The secret formula of our successful shipyard? We highly value ergonomics and will always ensure that your yacht is a perfect fit for you. You will notice that especially when sailing: Handling your ship will be very easy. Everything you need is close within reach – not only when the ship is berthed but also out on the water. We carefully elaborate the details. And every ship that leaves our shipyard is built by craftsmen who are seasoned sailors themselves. They know much about living aboard a sailing ship, out on the water. When choosing a C-Yacht you choose liberty in its best possible form


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