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Special autumn offer: Buy a pre-owned ship, get your berth for free

the perfect moment.

Buy one of our occasions this autumn and you’ll get its berth at our C-Yacht harbour for free, until 1st of April 2018.

This is the perfect moment for a fine deal. Don’t wait until spring when everyone will be busy with the new season starting up. Just take your time and buy your own C-Yacht or Compromis now, within this autumn. If you do that, we’ll offer you a complimentary berth for your ship, until spring 2018.



Why should you choose to buy a (pre-owned) yacht from our shipyard:
– Our technicians know these ships from the inside-out including their history.
– Any adaptations are done according to the original specifications of the shipyard.
– Delivery of your ship will be done with careful instructions for you, just like when you buy one of our brand new ships.
– We support you in choosing and finding the best matching equipment.

A pre-owned yacht in mint condition


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