Electrical roller furling system installation

Easy handling of certain yacht components is great for smooth sailing.

Most of the yachts we deliver now feature an electrical roller furling installation. Because it is easy and safe.Meanwhile, demand for such an installation comes up for our pre-owned yachts, too. And here we explain how you can exchange your existing installation for an electrical one.

How does the exchange work?

By their design, modern Furlex roller furling systems allow the swivel in front of the line to be easily exchanged with an electrically powered variant. And since we are a shipyard we know exactly how to replace your existing roller furling system with an electrical one.

Can this be done with my Furlex type?

Changing an existing Furlex roller furling system to an electric version is possible for the following types:

  • The new 4thgeneration: Types 204S en 304S
  • Older types: 200S and 300S (with stainless steel swivels)

Got an older Furlex type, or one of a different brand? No problem at all. If you want we can upgrade your entire roller furling system to an electrical model. We’d be glad to make you an individual offer for that. Just get in touch with us to discuss your options.


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