Sails and canvas

Sometimes when repairing a damaged sail or providing it with maintenance, it turns out that the sail is too worn out to be used any more. It usually starts with small tears in the fabric which become progressively larger over time. At a certain point the sailcloth fabric simply has become too brittle for a repair to make sense any more. Asked about the recent performance of the sail, the respective yacht owner then often confirms that the sail indeed had diminished in its performance since a longer time already.

New Sails?

Based on your wishes and requirements, we will find the best sails for your yacht. When choosing new sails, a variety of factors should be considered: For example, do you prefer sportive sailing or rather relaxed, comfortable cruising? Is your preferred cruising area a large freshwater area like the Dutch IJsselmeer? Or will you frequently go for saltwater sailing trips like the North Sea? Based on your preferences and your budget, we will find the right sails for your yacht.

Top quality

We have strong preference for sails from UK de Vries. By their sailing properties they are an especially fine match to our yachts. Both their shape and profile fits very well to our C-Yacht models. Sails from other brands often are shaped too flat, or their form is cut too deep. Both factors happen to negatively impact the sailing properties of our yachts.

New canvas and tarpaulins

Apart from new sails we also can provide your C-Yacht and Compromis yacht with protective canvas or tarpaulins: For instance, a jib cover, Genoa cover, rocon, winter tarp cover, mainsail & boom cover or a sprayhood.

A new canvas cover will efficiently protect your roller furling Genoa against the elements. Sailing in rainy weather? Some love it. Others prefer to stay berthed at the marina when it rains. No matter if cruising or just relaxing at a harbour: A sprayhood, with or without cockpit enclosure, will provide comfortable protection against the rain. And to protect your stowed mainsail well against wind, weather or dirt, a mainsail tarpaulin is advisable. This type of mainsail pack will protect your mainsail from the elements – among which also bird droppings.

During winter, many yacht owners don’t go sailing. For several months, their yacht will lie idle. Either berthed / moored or dry-docked on land, at the winter storage area. To protect your yacht effectively also in those winter months, we advise you to provide it with a boat cover. Such a boat tarpaulin will not only protect your yacht from most kinds of weather. You’ll also see that once the new season starts up, there will be much less boat cleaning to be done.

Sails or canvas ready for renewal?

Our 35 years of experience allow us to advise you with confidence about the most suitable types of sail or canvas / tarpaulins for your yacht.

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