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An entire weekend out on the water. Isn’t that a lovely vision? Or even a few weeks at sea? You are looking for a yacht in excellent condition but prefer not to buy a new ship? C-Yacht has many fine occasions for sale: Very beautiful yachts, pre-owned, featuring all possible amenities. You have an abundance of choices between different models, years of construction, and price categories. Our brands: C-Yacht and Compromis.

A pre-owned yacht in mint condition

Compared to buying a new ship, the acquisition of a pre-owned yacht requires some extra considerations. To begin with, how a previous owner treated the respective yacht is an important factor. The reason why our technical team at C-Yacht thoroughly checks every pre-owned yacht offered for sale – and repairs any damages or defects they find. You can trust that you’ll buy a ship in excellent condition. C-Yacht guarantees quality.

Things to consider

  • C-Yacht sells the best pre-owned yachts
  • Abundant choice between different models
  • C-Yacht checks every ship offered for sale
  • Both parties can trust on a high-quality ship, for a good price
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