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Trip to the Mediterranean with C-Yacht

cruise around the Mediterranean Sea


At C-Yacht, we can really appreciate a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. The travel organisation Culture Sailing organises flottilla sailing on your own C-Yacht, whilst enjoying all that the Italian, Portuguese or Spanish culture and culinary delights have to offer; it’s all possible on this unique journey.

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Positive C-Yacht 1250i tests by Norwegian and Swiss media

reviewed by the international media

Our boats are regularly tested and reviewed by the international media. This time around it was the turn of two leading publications from Norway and Switzerland.

View the test results:










Zaadnoordijk, the C-Yacht shipyard, expands its production capacity

Shipyard expands and C-Yacht is hiring experienced professionals

In March 2018, a start was made on the second new production hall of Zaadnoordijk Yacht builders in Heerenveen. In early 2017, the first new production hall was brought into use, and it is now time for the second new hall. The production capacity is to be expanded to a total of 5000 sq m. In addition, the shipyard offices were entirely replaced, which has also resulted in more space in that section

C-Yacht is on the lookout for experienced staff

We have also noticed that the market is starting to pick up. Our customers appreciate the quality, safety and distinctive nature of our hand-finished boats, and are approaching us in increasing numbers. We are therefore looking to enlist staff with a passion for boats. Mechanics, shipwrights, polyester workers: [...]

You can now take a look around the new C-Yacht 1250i from your armchair. One of the biggest YouTube boat channels features a walkaround of our 1250i. Fancy taking a look for yourself?

Take a look in the cockpit

Movie: C-Yachts 1250i Club CC Sailing Yacht – Walkaround




Our C-Yacht crew will be glad to welcome you, both at our stand and aboard the C-Yacht 1250i CLUB .
Visit C-Yacht at BOOT Düsseldorf Boat Show

Our C-Yacht crew will be glad to welcome you, both at our stand and aboard the C-Yacht 1250i CLUB .

Date & Opening hours
20.-28. January 2018

Opening hours
daily: 10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Would you like to arrange a meeting in advance? You are most welcome. Just fill out the form below or give us a call at +31 320 26 46 60

Happy Holidays!

and a happy new year

Buy one of our occasions this autumn and you’ll get its berth at our C-Yacht harbour for free, until 1st of April 2018.

This is the perfect moment for a fine deal. Don’t wait until spring when everyone will be busy with the new season starting up. Just take your time and buy your own C-Yacht or Compromis now, within this autumn. If you do that, we’ll offer you a complimentary berth for your ship, until spring 2018.



C-Yacht keeps safety a top priority. We strive to make sailing more pleasurable and safe at the same time.

“Higher safety means that you can enjoy life aboard your ship much more, without worries.”

Everything we do is designed for the people aboard. That’s why our way of thinking is focussed on finding the optimal balance between relaxed, pleasant living and safety aboard. And we are proud of our developments regarding construction, ergonomics and the top quality materials built into our yachts.


C-Yacht 1250i, Wind force 8, North Sea, 20 miles offshore at IJmuiden

She Comes in Colours

All is possible at C-Yacht.

A white C-Yacht is a timeless beauty. A blue one: Elegant and classy. How would you describe a C-Yacht coloured champagne or anthracite?
Or would you prefer a yacht with metallic look? All is possible at C-Yacht.We’ll realise your ship in your favourite colour(s).





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