Navigation system

Navigation system: Upgrade or complete renewal? It can happen once in a while: Parts of your navigation system stop functioning. At such a point, many yacht owners face this decision: Replace the unit or is it time to renew the entire navigation system? A question worth considering. After all, communication protocols tend to vary quite a bit between most recent device models and older systems. With the result that old navigation devices often cannot communicate directly with more recent ones.

Advantages of a navigation system

Both the reliability and effectiveness of navigation systems aboard yachts is constantly improving. Besides other, thanks to GPS finding your way on the water has become a child’s play. And radar aboard ensures that your yacht stays visible to other vessels even while cruising in dense fog. While radio allows you to make contact directly with other ships. In other words: Well working navigational equipment keeps you connected to your surroundings: More safety, more relaxed cruising pleasure.

Indispensable: Reliable navigation equipment

Out on the water, fine working onboard navigation equipment is of utmost importance. Without such equipment, there is a major risk that something might go wrong. Your yacht could deviate from its plotted course and run aground at a sandbank, for instance. Getting damaged in that process. Or – extreme case – you could get disoriented completely, not knowing where you are.

It also is essential to keep your navigation systems up to date. After all, water is a highly dynamic environment, its features and marine life undergoing continuous changes. A sandbank, for example, could have been displaced by currents. A new waterway might have been created or maybe a new bridge was placed.

Complete new system or upgrade?

We are specialised, among other, in upgrading Raymarine navigation displays. And we can both replace outdated Raymarine systems or give existing ones an upgrade. Raymarine is our preferred supplier for navigation systems. And since C-Yacht is a certified installation partner, the 3 years warranty you get from us have global validity.

Our services

We will be glad to help you with the replacement or upgrade of your navigation system.

  1. Make an appointment with us or visit us at our shipyard at Lelystad (NL).
  2. We advise you about the best solution for your yacht. And of course we will consider your own wishes in that regard wherever possible. Among the questions we’ll ask: Is it a matter of just replacing one component? Or is it advisable to replace the entire system?
  3. You then will receive a quotation. Based on the information we have gathered at that point, we’ll make you a specific offer and suggest a suitable solution.
  4. We start with the works. Where possible, installation will be done directly. Not possible yet in one action? Then we’ll make another appointment for performing the works.

Would you like to keep cruising confidently with your yacht, always knowing exactly where you are?

Trust our 35 years of experience. We’ll get you a fine working navigation system so that you can enjoy your cruises, free of any worries.

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