Repair or extension of your electric systems

Over the years, onboard electrical systems in the yachting world have become progressively more sophisticated. Besides the classic basic essentials aboard, such as engine starter, (navigation) lights or radio, meanwhile also refrigerators, electrical cookers, TV, solar panels and even washing machines have become part of the onboard equipment. And it looks like that list is far from being finished. New electrically powered devices keep “joining the fleet” on a regular base. They all require periodic maintenance and controls.

Onboard electrical systems

As owner of a sailing yacht you wish a certain level of comfort, be that while out on the water or berthed in a marina. Maintenance of your electrical systems aboard, where neglected or done insufficiently, can lead to various problems. For instance, with your yacht’s batteries and shore power supply. Also, electrical installations on older yachts often are not fully compatible with today’s requirements. Progressively more electrically powered devices aboard, each needing their power supply, can easily lead to technical issues and damages. Repairs or maintenance on the electrical systems of your yacht should therefore be done in time.

Timely repair and maintenance

It is essential to get any repairs or maintenance on your electrical systems swiftly done. Postponing them for too long will eventually lead to material fatigue, deterioration and vibrations. All of which you can easily avoid by having such works done before they become urgent: Through smart maintenance and repairs, where necessary.

Upgrade of your existing electrical systems

Electrical installations on older yachts often do not comply with today’s technical requirements. That is why they have to get upgraded or extended to fulfil recent requirements. We can resolve technical problems with your 12V and 230V onboard systems. And we are specialised in the installation of new batteries or converters.

Our services

We’ll be glad to help you with repairs, maintenance or upgrades of your electrical systems.

  1. Schedule an appointment with us or visit us at our shipyard at Lelystad (NL).
  2. We’ll assess the situation for you and will advise you about the most suitable and viable solutions for your yacht. Among the questions we’ll ask: What precisely is needed to solve the specific problem with the system? Perhaps it is better to replace the entire system?
  3. You then will receive a quotation. Based on the information we have gathered at that point, we’ll discuss the situation with you. Followed by an offer / quotation specifying our proposed solution to the respective technical problem.
  4. We start with the works. Trying wherever possible to resolve the problem directly. Not yet possible? Then we’ll make another appointment for resolving the problems at a later point.

Questions about the electrical systems?

No matter what you decide, our warm advice also here would be: Don’t wait too long with repairs and maintenance of your electrical systems. We’re glad to support you with our more than 35 years experience. So that you can soon enjoy wonderful sailing again, free of worries.

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