It happens to the best and it could happen to your C-Yacht or Compromis:
A damage. Most frequent cause for damages are collisions, running aground or storm damages. And our warm advice would be to have respective repairs done by experienced technicians. We have designed and built those yachts. That is why we really know them inside out. Moreover, we are building them since 70 years. And when doing repair works on a yacht we use exclusively new and OEM components. Last not least: Since we know our yachts so thoroughly, we also are able to perform the works quite swiftly and efficiently.

How does damage to a yacht occur?

Most frequent cause, on top of the list: Collision of the yacht with an object or another vessel. Common scenario: When docking the yacht in strong winds or currents. Second and third most common causes: Collisions with another vessel and storm damage. Other frequent causes for damage include theft, burglary, running aground or sinking, lack of maintenance, fire, lightning and errors during ship craning.

You can get an insurance which would cover financial consequences of damages brought to your yacht. There are liability insurance packages, yet you may wish to add some additional coverage to the standard basic liability insurance. Worth to consider: A standard basic liability insurance only provides coverage for damages your yacht caused to other parties. Damages to your own yacht usually are excluded from basic insurance coverage. Which means if you’d like to have such damages covered as well, you’d have to actively get a supplementary insurance for that.

How do we perform repair works?

  1. First you should make an appointment with us to have the damages on your yacht inspected. Depending on how serious those damage are, that inspection can be done either at Lelystad (NL) or at Heerenveen(NL).
  2. Next, we assess the damages for you and produce a damage report about it. That report will then be sent to the insurance damage assessor.
  3. Report accepted? Once the report is accepted, both by you as yacht owner and by the insurance expert, we start with the damage repair works.
  4. We start with the works. And depending on the situation, where possible, we could also just perform a provisory repair. For instance, if you’d like or need to sail the yacht a bit longer for the time being. With the complete repair works to be scheduled at a later date.

In each case: Do not continue cruising when your yacht is damaged!

You risk to further increase the damage if you just proceed. Rather, get in touch with us to swiftly organise the repair works. It will enable you to safely proceed cruising with your yacht.

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