Upholstery and mattresses

A yacht is one of the few vehicles aboard which you still can enjoy real freedom. With almost any type of weather, it’s possible to go sailing. That having said, sunlight and humidity over time will have their impact on the interiors of your yacht. So depending on the frequency of use, sooner or later you may want to consider a new upholstery for the interiors.

Choosing the right materials

Which upholstery materials you choose is essential: They should be strong enough to resist various external factors. Sun and water are just two of these. Over time they will leave their traces on the upholstery. Based on our long-term experience, we have put together for you a selection of upholstery materials offering effective protection against such weather impact: All of these are high quality materials, with fine protective properties. And talking about interior style: They are a fine match to the elegant ambiance of our yachts as well. You have the choice between fabric, leather or synthetic leather. Each of these with various designs and other options.

Mattresses for your cabins

Apart from upholstery we also can provide new mattresses for the cabins of C-Yachts and Compromis yachts – regarding the latter especially for the C888 model and more recent ones. And as you doubtless know, what may be perceived as a comfortable mattress varies quite a bit, depending on individual tastes and preferences. Some sailors prefer hard mattresses, others exactly the opposite: Soft ones. We provide you with exactly the types of mattresses you like, in top quality. For a perfect fit, the mattresses are custom-made. And we have them produced with high quality cold foam.

For all C-Yacht models

Basically speaking, we can provide upholstery for all C-Yacht and Compromis yacht types. And should you own a C888 or a younger model, we also got the right measurement data stored in our database already. Older yachts will require those measurements to be taken once – and those one-time costs for measurement aboard your yacht should be added to your respective budget planning.

Delivery times and fitting

Depending on your preferences, C-Yacht will fit the new upholstery to your yacht’s interiors. Alternative: You just order and pick up the materials at C-Yacht and take care of the upholstery fittings yourself. Average delivery times range between 4 to 6 weeks. And they can vary, depending on when you place your order.

Ready for new upholstery or mattresses aboard?

You can trust our 35 years of experience. We know precisely what will or will not fit to your yacht’s interiors. Contact us and we’ll be glad to advise you about your options.

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