More than repairs and sales

Gert Holm, Skipper Viamea, C-Yacht 1040

What happens when you buy a boat? More specifically, when you buy one from C-Yacht in Lelystad.

A lot is the answer. You not only become the proud owner of a high-quality boat, but a relationship with the people at C-Yacht is created. Is that important then? For some, no. Those are the assiduous handymen with 2 right hands and a lot of relevant experience who do a lot themselves. I belong more to the other category. Definitely not clumsy but just not handy enough to choose and see the right solution everywhere right away. I also lack the years of experience to know where pipes run, how deck fittings are mounted and how the construction of parts of the ship is made.

You could describe it all as a journey of discovery if you start it yourself, but there again is that question: Do I want that and can I do that. Of course, available budgets also play a role. On my third C-Yacht I chose to have a lot done by the people at C-Yacht. Why them and not some random yard? I wanted the works to be done professionally, with sound expertise and efficient planning.

Does your C-Yacht necessarily have to have been bought at C-Yacht? No, it doesn’t. All the reasons listed here actually apply to any C-Yacht.

Another vital factor is C-Yacht’s relationship in Lelystad with the surrounding yacht service companies. Ronald Bakker of C-Yacht has short and direct lines of communication with all of them. This ensures that even large and complex works are well coordinated and executed.

Comparing hourly rates is not one of my hobbies. The important thing is that few hours are spent. And that is only possible if you have much experience and thorough knowledge of the ship. We did a lot of planning together, discussing options and execution details over a cup of coffee. What I also appreciate: Sometimes I was explained why something was not necessary. “You can get on with that for years to come.” With Ronald Bakker the motto is: Either I do it right, or I don’t. He is very direct in his advice. Actually, that is also part of C-Yacht’s reputation.

Market knowledge is another important value of the people at C-Yacht. Whether you buy or sell a boat, you need a market feeling as a shipyard to serve that 2nd hand market of C-Yacht as well. There too, the knowledge of the boat is reflected in the sales and buying advice. The process of buying or selling is very clear and is handled with great respect for buyer and seller.

Want to know what C-Yacht can do for your boat? Then get in touch with them.

Gert Holm, Schipper Viamea

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