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Schon vorbereitet auf den Winter?

Ready for the next winter?

Sailing is still widely associated with warm and sunny weather. Yet an increasing number of sailors chooses to extend the season into the colder months of the year. In each case, your C-Yacht is likely to need some maintenance and care for the coming winter again. To facilitate the pertaining works we compiled a special winter preparation checklist for you. Always handy to have such a list aboard!
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Instandsetzung oder Erweiterung Ihrer Bordelektrik

Repair or extension of your electric systems

Over the years, onboard electrical systems in the yachting world have become progressively more sophisticated. Besides the classic basic essentials aboard, such as engine starter, (navigation) lights or radio, meanwhile also refrigerators, electrical cookers, tv, solar panels and even washing machines have become part of the onboard equipment. And it looks like that list is far from being finished. New electrically powered devices keep “joining the fleet” on a regular base. They all require periodic maintenance and controls.

We’ll be glad to help you with repairs, maintenance or upgrades of your electrical systems. Make an appointment with us or visit us at our shipyard at Lelystad (NL).

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Do not sail with a damaged yacht

Any repair works needed for your yacht? It happens to the best, and it could happen to your C-Yacht or Compromis: a damage. Most frequent cause for damages are collisions are running aground or storm damages. And our warm advice would be to have respective repairs done by experienced technicians. We have designed and built those yachts. That is why we really know them inside out. And we build them since more than 70 years already. When doing repair works on a yacht, we use exclusively new and OEM components. And since we now our yachts so thoroughly, we also are able to perform the works quite swiftly and efficiently.

If you keep sailing with a damaged yacht you risk to increase the damage. Rather, get in touch with us to organise the repair works right away. So that you can soon get back to safe and carefree sailing again.

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Sell your yacht via our shipyard

Do you consider selling your yacht? C-Yacht can handle the entire sales procedure for you if you wish. Selling a yacht is a rather intense and time-consuming process. We can support you as the selling party efficiently, in various ways: Our wide international network inside the yachting industry also includes a large database of respective industry contacts, carefully built up and curated over the years. Come over and have a tea or coffee with us. We’ll be glad to explain in more detail what your options are and how our unique, proven sales method works.

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