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Any plans already for your next short sailing holiday or weekend trip? This summer, let the wind take you to the most beautiful places.

Here at our shipyard in Lelystad we enjoy the first lovely summer days. Most of our yachts are in the water already, getting prepared for a great new sailing season right now. Would you love to sail very soon, too? Come over for a visit then! Get some inspiration by C-Yacht.


You can now take a look around the new C-Yacht 1250i from your armchair. One of the biggest YouTube boat channels features a walkaround of our 1250i. Fancy taking a look for yourself?

Take a look in the cockpit

Movie: C-Yachts 1250i Club CC Sailing Yacht – Walkaround



In 2017 we had put into operation our first new production hall. A few weeks ago, our second new hall was commissioned. Therewith, in terms of space we scaled up our production capacities to 5000 m² (53820 ft²). Quoting Jan Muller, our CEO at Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders: “We notice a growing demand for yachts built in The Netherlands. Customers look for safety aboard and for a certain flexibility. We produce our ships here at Heerenveen: Dutch quality and craftsmanship is what you get.”

Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders in a nutshell:

Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders exists since 70 years and has built more than 7000 yachts over time. That makes us one of the bigger shipyards in Northern Europe. Besides other, Zaadnoordijk is known as constructor of the following brands: Wajer, Van Dutch, Compromis and [...]

Trip to the Mediterranean with C-Yacht

cruise around the Mediterranean Sea


At C-Yacht, we can really appreciate a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. The travel organisation Culture Sailing organises flottilla sailing on your own C-Yacht, whilst enjoying all that the Italian, Portuguese or Spanish culture and culinary delights have to offer; it’s all possible on this unique journey.

Learn more about these sailing trips


Positive C-Yacht 1250i tests by Norwegian and Swiss media

reviewed by the international media

Our boats are regularly tested and reviewed by the international media. This time around it was the turn of two leading publications from Norway and Switzerland.

View the test results:










C-Yacht keeps safety a top priority. We strive to make sailing more pleasurable and safe at the same time.

“Higher safety means that you can enjoy life aboard your ship much more, without worries.”

Everything we do is designed for the people aboard. That’s why our way of thinking is focussed on finding the optimal balance between relaxed, pleasant living and safety aboard. And we are proud of our developments regarding construction, ergonomics and the top quality materials built into our yachts.


C-Yacht 1250i, Wind force 8, North Sea, 20 miles offshore at IJmuiden

She Comes in Colours

All is possible at C-Yacht.

A white C-Yacht is a timeless beauty. A blue one: Elegant and classy. How would you describe a C-Yacht coloured champagne or anthracite?
Or would you prefer a yacht with metallic look? All is possible at C-Yacht.We’ll realise your ship in your favourite colour(s).





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The team of C-Yacht and Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders are deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden news of the death of Frans Maas.

Since 1976, Frans Maas had been a regular yacht designer at C-Yacht and Zaadnoordijk where he developed a variety of models. He is the mastermind behind the current C-Yacht series and developed, among other, the C-Yachts12.50 and 11.00.

“We know Frans Maas not only as an excellent yacht designer”, says CEO Jan Muller. “We also know him as a passionate and highly skilled sailor”. Our entire team is deeply saddened by this huge and tragic loss. And our thoughts are with his family and friends. We wish them strength in this difficult time.”

Switzerland and Italy test the C-Yacht 1250i

Magazine Yachting Swissboat have thoroughly tested our 1250i

Fara Vela, the renowned Italian sailing magazine together with Swiss magazine Yachting Swissboat have thoroughly tested
our C-Yacht 1250i. And of course we are keen to share their results with you…

farevela-logo-magazine-c-yacht-1250 swissboat-1250i-test-voorkant

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