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The team of C-Yacht and Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders are deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden news of the death of Frans Maas.

Since 1976, Frans Maas had been a regular yacht designer at C-Yacht and Zaadnoordijk where he developed a variety of models. He is the mastermind behind the current C-Yacht series and developed, among other, the C-Yachts12.50 and 11.00.

“We know Frans Maas not only as an excellent yacht designer”, says CEO Jan Muller. “We also know him as a passionate and highly skilled sailor”. Our entire team is deeply saddened by this huge and tragic loss. And our thoughts are with his family and friends. We wish them strength in this difficult time.”

Switzerland and Italy test the C-Yacht 1250i

Magazine Yachting Swissboat have thoroughly tested our 1250i

Fara Vela, the renowned Italian sailing magazine together with Swiss magazine Yachting Swissboat have thoroughly tested
our C-Yacht 1250i. And of course we are keen to share their results with you…

farevela-logo-magazine-c-yacht-1250 swissboat-1250i-test-voorkant

Old love does not rust

Europe’s biggest sailing magazine, YACHT just tested our Compromis 777, 888 and 999

In 2001 we changed our company name from Compromis to C-Yacht. Much has changed since then. But luckily, some things stayed exactly the same: No mass production at assembly-lines but true craftsmanship instead. We still use only the best materials, too. And we kept our love for the craft and attention to details just as strong as they were back then.

Read the test report here: Test Compromis 777, 888 and 999

Europe’s biggest sailing magazine, YACHT just tested our Compromis 777, 888 and 999. And what a special test! Alexander Worms sailed the trio and experienced the high quality of those ships.


C-Yacht extends her production capacity

First pile of the new building is planted in the ground.

Seen the growing demand for bigger yacht models, Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders’ current site at Heerenveen has become too small for production. Reason why we started to construct a top modern new building. Our shipyard thus prepares for the construction of bigger yachts – and for future growth.


Testing the C-Yacht 1250i

International interest for C-Yacht

Last month our shipyard got some special visits, too: Journalists from four important water sports magazines came to see and test our C-Yacht 1250i.

Want a preview on the articles they wrote?

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PALSTEK-04-2016We are delighted to share: None other than Sven Rutter, chief test sailor of the renowned German yachting magazine Palstek, came by today to test our 1250i. And he was impressed! Now we can’t wait to see the new edition of the magazine Palstek. In the meantime, we enjoy the photos!

Palstek: “Dass Flaggschiff von C-Yacht vermag neben der soliden Bauweise vor allem in puncto Komfort durchaus Maßstäbe zu setzen. Viele schöne Detaillösungen zeugen von der großen Erfahrung der Werft – die niederländischen Bootsbauer wissen, was sich Eigner wünschen. Die Mittelcockpityacht wartet zudem mit ordentlichen Segelleistungen, einem frischen Interieur-Design und einem beeindruckenden Ausstattungsumfang auf. Ein Testbericht von Sven M. Rutter.”

C-Yacht 1250 Anna Sophie on her way to Morocco

C-Yacht 1250 Marroko

Who doesn’t dream about sailing around the world with your own C-Yacht, discover fantastic coasts, eat delicious food….

Our wonderful C-Yacht 1250 Anna Sophie is currently sailing between Spain and Morocco.

And you can follow her directly by subscribing to our recent updates:


Belgium tests the C-Yacht 1250i

België test C-Yacht 1250i

Our southern neighbour, more precisely: Belgian water spots magazine VAREN has tested our youngest ship, the C-Yacht 1250i.

Here is what Belgium’s most widely read water sports magazine says about it:
“This long-range cruiser has lots of power. It can comfortably be sailed with a small crew, too.”

Read the full article in their April edition!

Test C-Yacht 1250i Varen voorkant klein

Open house days at C-Yacht.

at the event called ‘Flevo Watersport Experience Lelystad'.


On 30 April and 1st of May C-Yacht will have two open days, as participant at the event called ‘Flevo Watersport Experience Lelystad’. Location is our Flevo Marina.


During this ‘Watersport Experience Lelystad’ C-Yacht will be open. And you’ll be very welcome to enjoy some snacks and drinks with us and have a look at our beautiful ships.
You’d like to bring your family with you? Good idea! We also have something for our young sailors. In other words, reason enough to come over and visit us…. Our professional team will be happy to let you test one of our model ships or a pre-owned one, completely non-binding.

– Free entrance

C-Yacht 1250i test: Europe’s biggest boating magazine YACHT

Out at the North Sea, with waves 3 metres high

Our newest creation, the 1250i, is currently being tested by various nautical media. Europe’s biggest boating magazine YACHT chose a different approach: An offshore cruise …with lots of wind. And you bet she passed with flying colours!

Out at the North Sea, with waves 3 metres high we had 2 ships, 2 editors, 2 photographers, 12.6 measured knots and a 1250i which felt and performed just fine. Shortly more details about the exact results. For now enjoy some impressive pictures taken out there…

C-Yacht Yacht Magazine test6

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