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C-Yacht Brokerage
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You can expect quality from us.

Buying a new boat is not difficult, everything is new and working properly. A used boat is always a risk, you never know how it has been used and most brokers do not always have a detailed understanding of Compromis and C-Yacht.
With us as a shipyard all is different. Our staff first carefully checks over the incoming yacht and straight away resolves all kinds of defects. Only then is the boat put on sale.
Our second-hand boats are all very dependable boats.

For you a second-hand boat is a new boat, thus you can expect quality from us.

Pre-owned sales

highly skilled process

If you want to trade in your Compromis or C-Yacht, then we are a logical choice. Because we only sell [...]

New bowsprit with A-frame for the C-Yacht 1250i

C-Yacht is a yacht for cruising.
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Occasions wanted!

‘Success in The Netherlands and abroad'

We are C-Yacht and Compromis experts. We will sell your C-Yacht!


What you already know is starting to become known in almost entire Northern Europe now: C-Yacht builds high-quality yachts. As a result, there is considerable demand for our yachts, both for new and pre-owned ones.

So if you consider to sell your Compromis or C-Yacht, our shipyard would be the logical choice for you. We do not only sell our own brand and our clients know this. People interested in a Compromis or C-Yacht always come to see us first. Selling your boat is an utmost intensive procedure; it requires time and specific knowledge. C-Yacht has the means, the knowledge and the experience for all Compromis and C-Yacht’s. This means that we take care of your entire sales procedure. [...]

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