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A unique experience

a sailing trip around the world

“Many asked us recently why we chose a C-Yacht, so we tell them the whole story…“ The crew of Anna Sophie, a C-Yacht 1250i, currently is on a sailing trip around the world.

Read their story here (German) why they chose a C-Yacht – and virtually cruise with them, enjoying fantastic imagery of their sailing trip!



Remote assistance

technical support request.


More than 7000 of our yachts are cruising out there meanwhile. And of course that also means that once in a while we receive a technical support request. To support our clients as fast, efficient and safe as possible in such a case, you can reach us via phone or by video conferencing. Don‘t hesitate to ask us anything then, we‘ll be happy to answer! Also, you are welcome any time with your ship at our Flevo Marina Lelystad.

Yes I‘d like to make an appointment.

Sneak preview

C-Yacht 1250i Club being put on its keel.

A brand new C-Yacht is laid on her keel. Every time, that‘s an emotional special moment, for our C-Yacht team and for the owner of the new yacht.

Share that special moment with us.

We were happy to meet some special demand and can now offer you a live view into our C-Yachts via Whatsapp or FaceTime, too. Together we will take a virtual guided tour of the ship of your choice. During which we will answer all your questions as well, of course.

Book your guided live tour here


Sell your ship via our shipyard

C-Yacht and Compromis

Are you considering putting your ship up for sale? The most efficient way to do that is via our shipyard! Please contact us without any obligation and we will explain our special sales strategies to you.


Electrical roller furling system installation

Easy handling of certain yacht components is great for smooth sailing.

Most of the yachts we deliver now feature an electrical roller furling installation. Because it is easy and safe.Meanwhile, demand for such an installation comes up for our pre-owned yachts, too. And here we explain how you can exchange your existing installation for an electrical one.

How does the exchange work?

By their design, modern Furlex roller furling systems allow the swivel in front of the line to be easily exchanged with an electrically powered variant. And since we are a shipyard we know exactly how to replace your existing roller furling system with an electrical one.

Can this be done with my Furlex type?

Changing an existing Furlex roller furling system to an electric version is possible for the following types:

  • The new 4thgeneration: Types 204S en 304S
  • Older types: [...]

Imagine our surprise when we saw a C-Yacht 1100 appear prominently in a music video done by German rapper MC BILAL. By now that clip has been viewed over 300 000 times already. Curious? See it here on YouTube and in your mind, sail to the music!


Special autumn offer: 20% on sails

Sails are a core performance factor on a yacht.


In cooperation with sail maker UK-De Vries Sails we have a fine end-of-season offer for all our  C-Yacht  and Compromis sailors: 20% discount on sails from  UK-Sails. . Grab your chance and start your 2020 sailing season with perfect new sails!

Yes I’m interested. Let’s make an appointment for buying new sails



HISWA in-water Boat Show 2019

From 4 to 8 September 2019.


Visit C-Yacht at HISWA in-water Boat Show

Our C-Yacht crew will be glad to welcome you, both at our stand and aboard our C-Yacht 1250i.

From 4 – 8 September 2019.
Open every day from 10.00 to 18.00.

Would you like to arrange a meeting in advance? You are most welcome. Just fill out the form below or give us a call at +31 320 26 46 60


Masttrim check at our shipyard!

optimally and safe

Did you ever wonder whether the mast on your ship is still mounted optimally and safe? Perhaps some improvements could be made, or some safety enhancements? Visit our shipyard at Lelystad and get a free mast trim check by our rigging experts*. They’ll check your mast under several aspects among which optimal shroud tension, flexion of the mast and bolting. After such a check you’ll be able to sail many more miles free of worries.

* The checks will be performed on weekdays only.

Want to have truly relaxed sailing holidays? Make your mast check appointment right now

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