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Maintenance for your yacht

Sailing season 2023 is coming to an end. And we are looking back on a fine season full of adventures. Splendid sunny days on the water, lapping of the waves and the fresh sea breeze: Now once again we’ll have to miss those again for a few months. In the meantime. Before preparing your beloved yacht for the winter storage it is a good idea to give it some maintenance. After all, a well maintained yacht optimises your chances for enjoying the next sailing trips free of worries again.

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Need an expert yacht technician?

After a season of great sailing adventures, taking the time for a thorough technical check is no fancy luxury: As sailors well know, damages or material fatigue can better be spotted in their early stages. If they are discovered while still limited or small, a timely repair might save you substantial costs later on. Our expert technicians will be happy to carefully inspect your yacht and to repair any damages, where advisable or necessary.

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Sails or canvas ready for renewal?

In some cases, sails are damaged or worn out to such a degree that repair or maintenance just would not make sense anymore. At that point, simply exchanging them for new ones is the better choice. It often starts with initially small cracks in the sailcloth which then progressively get bigger.

Talk to us. Based on your wishes and requirements we will make you a suitable offer for the sails of your yacht.

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New canvas and tarpaulins

Apart from new sails we also can provide your C-Yacht or Compromis yacht with protective canvas or tarpaulins: For instance, a jib cover, Genoa cover, rocon, winter tarp cover, main sail & boom cover or a sprayhood.

During winter months, most yacht will lie idle. Either at their mooring or dry-docked ashore, at a winter storage area. To protect your yacht effectively also in those winter months, we advise you to provide it with a winter tarpaulin. Such a boat tent will not only protect your yacht from most kinds of weather. You’ll also see that once the new sailing season starts up, there will be much less boat cleaning to be done.

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Verkoop uw jacht via de werf

Sell your yacht via our shipyard

Do you consider selling your yacht? C-Yacht can handle the entire sales procedure for you if you wish. Selling a yacht is a rather intense and time-consuming process. We can support you as the selling party efficiently, in various ways: Our wide international network inside the yachting industry also includes a large database of respective industry contacts, carefully built up and curated over the years. Come over and have a tea or coffee with us. We’ll be glad to explain in more detail what your options are and how our unique, proven sales method works.

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