C-Yacht Concept

The all-new C-Yacht Concept 41ac and 47ac

C-Yacht Concept 41ac & 47ac

New C-Yacht line created by clients, together with
Dykstra Naval Architects

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The Design

“designed as a comfortable and safe cruising yacht”

Designer’s comments

C-Yacht 47 has been designed as a comfortable and safe cruising yacht. No comprises were done on sailing performance.
The cockpit is equipped in such a way that it easy to handle the sails. No matter if you are sailing with a crew or sailing on your own.
Jeroen de Vos, Dykstra Naval Architects

The ships have a spacious cockpit located astern. It features a double helmstand and the sails can be managed from the cockpit, too.


C-Yacht Concept 41ac

Lenght over all – 12.97    m
Hull length – 12.50 m    
Waterline lenght – 11.60 m
Beam – 4.10 m
Draft – 1.90 m
Deep keel – 2.20 m
Displacement c.a. – 11.500 kg
Ballast percentage c.a. – 40 %
Air draf – 19.19 m
Mainsail – 55.0m²
H.A. Jib – 43.0 m²
Self tacking Jib – 35.0 m²
Gennaker – 162.0 m²
Cabin headroom 2.05 m
CE certification – Class A
Design – Dykstra Navel Architects 
Dutch Build  

C-Yacht Concept 47ac

Lenght over all – 14.43 m
Hull length – 13.90 m
Waterline lenght – 12.98 m
Beam – 4.40 m
Draft – 1.90 m
Deep keel – 2.20 m
Displacement c.a. – 13.200 kg
Ballast percentage c.a. – 40%
Air draf – 21.90 m
Mainsail – 64.0    m²
H.A. Jib – 49.0    m²
Self tacking – 41.0 m²
Gennaker – 179.0 m²
Cabin headroom – 2.05 m
CE certification – Class A
Design – Dykstra Navel Architects  
Dutch Build


Regarding the interior design an abundance of choice is offered: 18 different variants can be realised. Clients can, for instance, choose between a 2-cabin or 3-cabin version with spacious beds, which may or may not include a ship owner’s cabin at the bow of the ship. Furthermore, several lounge designs are possible. Same goes for the shower unit.

C-Yacht Concept 47ac interior design

International survey

Development of the ships was based upon the results of a large-scale international survey, conducted last year by the shipyard under the name C-Yacht Concept. 1200 clients participated in that survey. Reason why it is safe to state that this type of ship was developed by sailors and for sailors from most different countries around the world, with a respective big variety of cruising areas: A rather unique and innovative approach to modern yacht design.

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