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Buying a yacht is not a casual decision, leave alone an everyday action. The acquisition of a ship is a very personal matter. You want to see your new ship with your own eyes. Stand on the deck, take a seat in the interior. That is possible, you are most welcome! Come over to visit us at the Flevo Marina Lelystad where we have our showroom and yacht harbour. You are most welcome! Here you can see our yachts throughout the entire year: During summer in the open, during winter in our heated showroom.

Lennart Noorlander

Lennart Noorlander

Sales & Marketing

Lennart is responsible for marketing and sales. Lennart has broad experience in water sports and has worked with several major yacht brands. Apart from work Lennart also has a lot of knowledge and experience in the water itself. The sailing bug is in his blood. Lennart has years of experience in racing and long distance sailing in national and international waters

Ronald Bakker

Ronald Bakker

Sales & Service

Ronald is responsible for sales, consultancy and engineering. Ronald has over twenty years working with C-Yacht. Besides his passion for sailing Ron has a vast experience in the field of electronics, engines and engineering.

Hotel suggestions

You might consider a visit to our shipyard and / or our production facilities at Heerenveen. Wouldn’t it be fine to have a good rest afterwards at a wonderful hotel? We have put together some suggestions for you:

Flevo Marina Lelystad


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