Why C-Yacht Brokerage?

A pre-owned yacht C-Yacht


An entire weekend out on the water. Isn’t that a lovely vision? Or even a few weeks at sea? You are looking for a yacht in excellent conditions but prefer not to buy a new ship? C-Yacht has many fine occasions for sale: Very beautiful yachts, pre-owned, featuring all possible amenities. You have an abundance of choice between different models, years of construction and price categories. Our brands: C-Yacht and Compromis.

A pre-owned yacht in mint condition

Compared to buying a new ship, the acquisition of a pre-owned yacht requires some extra considerations. To begin with, how a previous owner treated the respective yacht is an important factor. Reason why our technical team at C-Yacht thoroughly checks every pre-owned yacht offered for sale – and repairs any damages or defects they find. You can trust that you’ll buy a ship in excellent conditions. C-Yacht guarantees quality.


Sometimes the time for a change has come. You want a different boat. Or maybe you decide to spend less time on the water. In such a case C-Yacht can sell your Compromis or C-Yacht for you. The sale of a boat is an intense and time-consuming process. And we can take care of that entire process for you. At C-Yacht we have all the knowledge and expertise to sell your ship as soon as possible, at favourable conditions.

Including the network: People who look for a Compromis or C-Yacht know where to find us. They know we exclusively sell yachts of our own brand. This is why we are the right partner to help you with the sale of your yacht. As soon as you leave your ship with us we’ll check it for possible defects or damages. That way, you will quickly know what the situation is. While the new owner can trust to buy a high quality ship!


  • C-Yacht sells the best pre-owned yachts
  • Abundant choice between different models
  • C-Yacht checks every ship offered for sale
  • We sell your Compromis or C-Yacht for you
  • We can take care of the entire sales process
  • Both parties can trust on a high quality ship, for a good price

Browse through the vast selection of our boats that have recently been added to our inventory.

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