C-Yacht extends her production capacity

First pile of the new building is planted in the ground.

Seen the growing demand for bigger yacht models, Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders’ current site at Heerenveen has become too small for production. Reason why we started to construct a top modern new building. Our shipyard thus prepares for the construction of bigger yachts – and for future growth.


The new building will allow our production area to increase – a necessary and welcome change. Jan Muller, owner and manager of the C-Yacht shipyard, says: “We notice a growing demand for high quality yachts. Concurrently, larger dimensions of the yachts are requested, too. Our new building will allow us to flexibly respond to such international market developments.”

Also, production plans for bigger yachts have become simpler now. Our new building features an internal ship crane with a hoisting capacity of 20 tons. With the new building becoming operational in mid 2017, the road to a healthy future should be cleared.
Curious to learn more? Visit Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders’ new website.


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