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At C-Yacht, Ronald Bakker is in charge of sales, customer service and technical works. Since over 30 years he is active in those fields, with great pleasure and interest. Apart from his strong passion for sailing, he also has gathered extensive experience over the years with onboard electrical systems, engines and other technical installations.

How long are you working for C-Yacht already?

I’ve spent biggest part of my 30 working years in the water sports industry with Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders / C-Yacht. And my beloved hobby over time also became my work. My passion for sailing started around age 18 already, with canoes and other boats. So water sport really is a core part of my life, running through my veins as they say.

Which works do you perform at C-Yacht?

I’m in charge of sales, both for new and pre-owned yachts. I also provide service and technical works. Among which suitable advice for our clients, striving to realize their wishes wherever possible. This includes advice for upcoming repairs to be done. Such as an extension of onboard electronics, where necessary. Or the exchange of specific components. My technical background comprises also training in vehicle engineering and tool construction. That’s why I can advise our clients from a solid knowledge base on how to get their yacht back in top conditions.

How does your average work day look like?

To begin with, I get out of bed early enough to be at Lelystad at 8 am. There, the day usually starts at my desk, answering emails. And sometimes also with a few calls to clients who got questions. Next, I check which new requests for quotations have arrived, for new or pre-owned yachts. Answering these and depending on the kind of request, I then send out quotations, brochures, price lists. Or I plan a viewing appointment directly with the interested party. After that, I check which works need to be done: Both on the yachts newly added for sales or on those already sold.  And the most urgent works obviously get priority in that process.

Towards the end of the day, I make a rough planning for the next days. Incorporating the works for the newly added yachts in that scheme, too. So that’s my proven method to serve our clients most efficiently. Answering all their questions and realising their wishes wherever possible.

Each day is different and precisely this makes that kind of work so rewarding.

What do you like most in your work?

The direct contact to our clients and the varied nature of this work. You move outside most of the time – and you get the chance to talk with the clients about your own hobby! My decades in the water sports industry plus me still being an avid sailor provide me with a wealth of useful knowledge. Whatever our clients need for their yachts, chances are high that I can give them sound advice.

Do you have an own boat?

Recently I have bought another boat, yes. I had various boats in the past, among which also open day sailors for sailing competitions. And in the past I participated several times in the Dutch sailing championships.

Your favourite C-Yacht model?

The C-Yacht 1150 and the 1250 are my favourites. That because of their good combination of fine sailing properties (read: smooth, relaxed sailing) with speed. Truly special yachts!

Did you ever go overboard?

It happened, once in a while. During those sailing competitions. J

Any special maintenance advice for clients?

The most important thing: Take swift, immediate action when you notice that any component does not work like it should or when it is damaged. If you wait too long, repairs often will only get more expensive with time passing. Personally, I would advise anyone to have their ship inspected twice a year: At the end of the sailing season and before the start of the next one. Towards the end of a year, for instance, is an especially good moment to have your yacht thoroughly inspected. Whereas in spring, main focus will often be on the overall functional aspects of the ship: To check if everything works well, before starting a fine new sailing season.

Ronald Bakker
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